Corporate Reputation,


HLG Issue Analytics can help you see the bigger picture.

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Your External Landscape:
Complex, Changing, Full of Surprises

Businesses can be challenged from any direction at any time. The acceleration of news cycles, proliferation of media channels and growth of asymmetrical activism compound the complexity. Keeping up is a full time job; the cost of getting it wrong can be catastrophic. 


How You Can Benefit

No blind spots

Prevent issues from emerging out of nowhere by mapping the known universe of possibilities.

24/7 coverage

Track hundreds of issues around the clock. Cover more ground, more efficiently, even while you sleep.

Faster response

Facilitate faster, more effective responses to reporters, activists and flash points. Vetting an issue now can occur in minutes rather than days.

Fewer fire drills

Allow for more informed decisions supported by data – reducing the needless expenditure of energy on low-value issues.

Accurate forecasting

Assess the likelihood of an issue rising to the surface and better predict those most likely to cross your path.

Better business decisions

Analyze key business initiatives within the context of likely external challenges.

How it Works




We collect tens of thousands of pieces of data each month from curated sources that include prominent activist organizations, businesses entities, policymakers and politicians, news organizations, elite forums and publications and other sources. We feed this unstructured information into a data processing engine, using natural language processing to remove noise and tag and sort the rest.



The output of these groups is tagged into a map of reputational issues –
hundreds of potential issues, all in one place. No more blind spots.




These issues are tracked and scored using proprietary models developed by our team of data scientists. This scoring allows us to analyze thousands of discrete issues in terms of relevance to the client, resonance among key stakeholder groups and trends over time.




Top issues are mapped according to issue category, change over time, degree of resonance among particular stakeholders and other parameters.



We can see emerging inflection points in certain issues that may indicate a storm is brewing.



Clients can “pin” multiple issues for closer monitoring.



We can examine issues more closely with detailed data on trends over time, key stakeholders and drivers.




1,000s of individual communications are captured and catalogued each week,
and the most relevant are available for review at the click of a button.




Clients can access all this and more through a URL-based dynamic dashboard with
key functionalities including search, filtering parameters and time ranges.




Our team of issue experts prepares a strategic analysis of the most important issues, including our assessment of potential impact to the client and a forecast of likely scenarios
in the future. We work with the client to develop plans to manage, mitigate
or even capitalize on emerging issues.


Learn More

For an in-depth demonstration of our issue analytics tool and how it can benefit your team, contact us to schedule an in-person walkthrough.